behind the scenes

behind the scenes

“Haunting vocals and fleeting percussive elements pervade, shaking a historic tree for high hanging fruit” – All Things Go

Today, BONZIE shares an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of the making of her track “Combback” in London with producers Adrian Utley of Portishead and Ali Chant.  The track is from her recently released album Zone on Nine, which is out now via self-owned label Beevine Records. You can stream + purchase the album here, and purchase the 12″ vinyl here.  BONZIE says of the recording process:

“We were recording a song off Zone on Nine called “Combback” in London and my friend RobisRob came with a camera and filmed everyone.  I think we were all pretty in it and focused when he showed up.  It was in the dead of summer so it was cool to be in the studio with everyone…  The studio was called “The Pool” and was designed to vaguely resemble some sort of open landscape so it all seemed fitting.  It was one of the first sessions in London I had with Adrian Utley before we went to his studio in Bristol so I was really excited.  Everyone was from Europe except me… Stefano was from Italy, Seb from England, as was Adrian and Ali.  We all got along really well so it was a particularly fun collaborative point in time in the making of Zone on Nine.”

See the video below!


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