As The Surface Rose

As The Surface Rose

December 05 2016

On the title track to her double single As the Surface Rose, BONZIE builds a beautifully sprawling, hypnotically detailed reverie from what began in the starkest of moments. “‘As the Surface Rose’ was written on this old piano I grew up with, the day before it was going off to someone else.  For as long as I can remember, this piano exists in my memories, so I was playing it incessantly before I had to leave it. I was in this unfurnished house—the last bones of the house I grew up in—with literally only myself, this piano, and walls.”

In bringing the song to life, Ferraro merges orchestral flourishes with electronic experimentalism. “We recorded strings and horns and piano and came up with this almost classical-sounding recording, then spliced everything up with electronics and completely messed with that,” recalls Ferraro. “I wanted to create a feeling of being lifted from reality, with these small but powerful sounds that shift you in all different directions.” And for the lyric-free B-side “Half Full,” Ferraro sculpted a sparse and dreamlike track woven with choirlike vocals and graceful acoustic guitar.

Written, produced and performed by BONZIE.

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1. As The Surface Rose

2. Half Full

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