Spiritual Violence

Spiritual Violence

December 05 2023

Music and lyrics by BONZIE
Rap by Teo The Artist.
Produced by BONZIE and Teo The Artist
Engineered by BONZIE, Teo The Artist, Will Golden
Mixed by Neal Pogue
Mastered by Mike Bozzi
made in Chicago, IL

BONZIE returns in 2023 with “Spiritual Violence” featuring Chicago’s own Teo The Artist. The R&B-infused track is representing the shattering and dismantling of a certain intangible violence.

“There is suffering that exists on a deep, fundamental ‘living thing’ level, where our spirits recognize that what’s happening isn’t right or just,” says BONZIE. “It’s sort of a spiral on itself – that trauma begets trauma – and the song is trying to squash that spiral; that’s how I wanted to feel when I wrote it. When I sing the lyrics ‘spiritual violence ends now,’ that’s the sensation that I want the song to elicit.”

The collaboration with Teo The Artist began when BONZIE heard a song from the Chicago rapper on a local Chicago public radio station. While writing “Spiritual Violence,” she created a space for his verse and sent him the song. Teo and BONZIE worked closely for months as Teo wrote a rap verse on the song. BONZIE recorded her vocals and piano, and Teo added beats and synths. As two Chicago artists, they finis.hed the production in their hometown at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio. The end result is a balance of two perspectives that together resonate with song’s universal message.

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Scars go missing all the time
Hide it out of sight, of mind
But when I get up and try
I’m hurting, I’m blindsided

Wasn’t what I thought I would be,
Wasn’t what I wanted you to think of me
Wasn’t the image I worked hard for
But I feel I can do without now

In a while I found some
In a while I found some
In a while I found what I want
what I want now

And we asked nicely ‘til someone cried out
Can we get some silence so we can get loud
Spiritual violence ends now

Teo the Artist:

My silence been the loudest if you listen 
I never need permission or forgiveness 
Not repentant with no penance 
Plus I’m holy through the sinning 
Just as long I’m winning 
I know my violence is warranted 
War for peace been the motto 
Been tryna make a tomorrow 
Stop the violence,  stop the violence 
But I need it 
and Quiet really Loud if you believe it 
And you might believe the lies like you tellin the truth
and that ain’t tellin to you?
Word is bond 
Write a parable 
Compared to yo spirit 
Because these closed mouths will never get fed
The block hot 
and it’s covered in red
Violent spirits tryna cover my head 
But it’s all in your head 
Tell a lie and say it’s all in your head


And someone asked nicely then someone cried out
Can we get some silence so we’re heard out?
Spiritual violence ends now

Scars go missing all the time
Hide it out of sight, of mind
But when I wake up to find
I’m hurting and I’m blindsided

And we have asked nicely so far
But we have no choice but raise the bar
Spiritual violence ends now

Been a soul for so long
Soul for so long
a soul for so long
so long, so long
so long

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