single from zone on nine premieres

single from zone on nine premieres

The second single released from the upcoming album Zone on Nine (due out May 19) is Combback.  It premiered on Paste Magazine who wrote:

There’s a dark sort of enchantment to Bonzie’s track “Combback” that’s hard to ignore.  The way certain notes bend on the Chicago songwriter’s latest tune only draw you in closer as you wonder “What’s that sound?” Her insistent guitar strumming keeps “Combback” moving down a potentially fraught path where the only terminus is the “break of dawn” she warbles about in the song’s waning moments. The imagery is naturalistic with its mentions of daybreak and finding wells, but the whole thing also feels alien. It’s difficult to imagine what’s being described taking place anywhere in the “real world.” – Paste

There’s only one way to find out.  Discover for yourself below!

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